Gran Duque d’Alba Brandy XO


Ultimate Beverage Challenge 91 points – Ultimate Beverage Challenge.March/2011
Aged under the Solera System for over 12 years in Sherry infused American oak casks followed by an additional 6 years in Sherry casks that previously held Don Guido, a 20 year aged Pedro Ximenez sherry. Sherry, Spain, in the Brandy de Jerez Solera Grand Reserva Especial appelation.
A perfect combination of soleras of Gran Duque de Alba and Gran Duque de Alba Oro. Final ageing takes place in American oak casks which have previously aged Don Guido, a famed Pedro Ximenez sherry with a certified age of 20 years as guaranteed by the Sherry Regulating Council.
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Old mahogany to ebony in colour, very bright, intense on the nose with a hint of raisins, grape, plum and vanilla. Hints of antique furniture varnish characteristic of long years of ageing. Complex and majestic on the palate, at the same time both oily and velvety with an intense lingering aftertaste.

Gran Duque d’Alba XO Gr Rsv 80

Spain > Jerez – Xeres – Sherry
Williams & Humbert


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